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Profile of the Organization

The Zanzini Furniture established itself in the Furniture Manufacturing Segment over 52 years ago, and in this period they built a reputation based on the credibility of their actions and in the quality of their products.

These characteristics, with an excellent management system, allow Zanzini Furniture to reach an outstanding position among the country's finest furniture manufacturers.

In the last years, the company refined its production and management system, preparing itself for an ever competitive and globalizing market. Because it reaches the entire country, it has accumulated solid experience in Marketing and Logistics. These characteristics allow the company to solidify its share in the domestic market and set its plans for the international market, exporting, for Latin America and now the whole world.

Zanzini Móveis, conscious of its social responsibility and the essential and decisive importance of its collaborators on future and present conquests, keeps programs towards to education, social actions, professional qualification and improvement, volunteer and environmental programs, besides programs to improve continuosly the work and organizational environment.

Thus, based on personnel, know-how and actions, the Zanzini Furniture has built a solid image of a company committed with their clients, suppliers and society.


The company's Quality Management System, certified according to ISO 9001:2015 standards – evaluated, implemented and controlled each and every opportunity for improvement: coordinating the treatment of the drawbacks, of the satisfaction researches, the new projects and the strategic planning, the system is constantly present in the activities of every worker at Zanzini Furniture. The Quality Area is responsible for the Performance Indicators, aligned with the Balanced Scored.

Quality Policy

Zanzini, with the support of its workers, guarantees the effectiveness of its processes and the quality of its products, thus meeting with its clients' needs and expectations.

Society and the Environment

Integration with the society and the environment

Aware of its role in the society and the straight connection between business excellency and life quality of the community, Zanzini Furniture keeps several educational projects, professional formation and conservation programs, environmental awareness and sports programs, bringing to the society a great deal of professional, economical and social benefits.

Environmental Policy and Occupational Health and Safety

The Zanzini's Furniture is committed to engage in environmental protection, pollution prevention and occupational health and safety, promoting continuous improvement of its activities and complying with legislation and environmental standards and safety at work.