Management System

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Market and relationship with clients

Zanzini has a net of commercial representatives who personally supply the clients in the entire national territory, or straight at the factory through telemarketing. In the International Market Zanzini Furniture has Commercial Agents.

A wide net of distribution channels allows the products to be found in specialized stores, large retail stores and supermarkets.

The Commercial Area constantly develops assays aiming to identify the needs of the market and offer products that thoroughly fulfill the clients' demands. The 100% Digital Toll-Free number supplies the customers' line. Each and every commercial procedure, from ordering to the shipping is Computer Assisted.


Zanzini Furniture's suppliers are well known companies, highly qualified in their areas, and approved by the Zanzini Qualification System and evaluation of Suppliers, assuring quality raw material for the production process.

Zanzini's main raw material is the plywood board, revetted with "Finish Foil" celluloid sheet, or with "Low Pressure ("PB") laminated melamine.


Zanzini's information Basis is interconnected and supported by its Data Integration System, which assures speed and safety in the processes.

A team of professionals is constantly monitoring the flow of information, using cutting edge software and keeping the system up-to-date. This allows the company's many segments to rapidly share information for its routines.

Leadership and People

Zanzini Furniture, through a series of integrated actions, drives the development of its workers, allowing them to be recognized and satisfied with their jobs.

Motivated and committed personnel, working in teams and effectively participating in the company's management, aiming the constant improvement of Zanzini's products and services.

The leaders work as the coordinators of these teams, establishing an effective communication, directing the work, identifying the needs and keeping the group in harmony with everyone's interests, at a business or personal basis.

To improve the educational level of its workers is a basic step to improve the life quality of their family members. Besides the formal education, Zanzini Furniture also provides them with benefits in the following areas:

Sport and leisure - Their own club; Health: medical and dental assistance, Corporate Medicine; Food: A selection of free groceries given at a monthly basis; Interaction of Family & Company; Prizes after production and participation results.