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Has passed, has a future

"Throughout its history, Zanzini Mobile has been showing his work.

A company respected and admired not only by the quality of its products and technology, but especially the main objective that guides its existence: to make people's lives better.

In 2015, the Mobile Zanzini completed 50 years with the certainty of being in the right way: reaffirming respect, dedication and commitment to employees, customers and community.

All this together is a social responsibility program that provides professional development opportunities and economic development.

In these 50 years, the Zanzini Furniture shows that has passed, has a future and is always present!"

It's a history born on success

The furniture manufacturers Zanzini started their activities in 1965 in the city of Dois Corregos, Sao Paulo State, after skills, determination and will of Oliver Zanzini and his wife Palmyra Benvenuto Zanzini.

In 1981 the company moved to its current premises in the city's Industrial District and modernized their production line.

In the following years, new measures were taken, such as the change of the administrative staff and production line, eventually enlarging the body of commercial representatives, selling the Zanzini furniture to the Mercosul (South Cone) and throughout Brazil. Today, Zanzini offers Residential and Office furniture.

From a small workshop the business has become a company that in the year 2000 produced and sold over 360,000 pieces, with a capacity to finish 7 tons of products per hour. Zanzini Furniture is certified by ISO 9001, in all of the production sectors, including sales and logistics.

It has taken since 2002 , a process of conquests such as a select position among the Best Compaines for You to Work in Brazil and Latin America, besides the aprpreciation of its management system and social responsibilities making evident the business excellence of its processes.

There are over 200 collaborators nowadays in constant professional development, working in a 31,000 m2 of built area, where, the acquisition of new equipment will allow, in the next years, an increase of production to 720,000 pieces of furniture a year.